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Thursday, May 5, 2011

jaejoong dating jessica?

Netizens spot another evidence pointing to Dong Bang Shin Ki member JaeJoong and So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica’s dating truth.

They discovered that the 2 have similar rings on their right hand index finger.

Netizens ask, “Are they really dating?”

Well, no one can answer the question except for the 2 themselves.

What the netizens say about the ‘couple ring’:

“If I’m JaeJoong, I wouldn’t date Jessica“
Reply to above, “If I’m Jessica, I wouldn’t date JaeJoong“
“Having the same ring means you are dating?”
“They can date, but I won’t allow for them to get married”
“I thought JaeJoong just gave it as a present to her? And why can’t it be that this symbolises their good friendship?”
“They look good together”
“I have no interests if they are dating or not. Let them be”
“I mean, if they are really dating…. why not?”

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